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RE: Our Downtown Oxnard Planter Project

April 7, 2012

Hi, Gary — This is marvelous! I’m thrilled to have played even the smallest part, and am very grateful you sent the photos and links. I would love a tour, and the next time I’m in the area I’ll certainly take you up on it…….. When I wrote Succulent Container Gardens, I certainly had no idea that anything like this might result from it.  I’m going to share this with the person who suggested I write the book, the garden editor of Sunset magazine—she deserves credit, too. Those planters are such a good idea, and remind me of similar ones I’ve seen in other cities. But these are much more sensible. If succulents don’t get watered, they’re fine. If annuals don’t get watered, they’re toast. Moreover, Oxnard’s maritime climate really lends itself to this sort of thing. How wonderful that you were able to get funding, and the downtown business community is so supportive. I’d love to see this become a model for other coastal and Southern California cities. ……..I’ve mentioned this on Facebook and will also do so in my quarterly e-newsletter. I wish you and Heritage Succulents all the success in the world! Please stay in touch.
– Debra Lee Baldwin
Garden Photojournalist
Author, Designing with Succulents, Succulent Container Gardens

“I cannot thank you enough for everything!! The succulents were gorgeous, and everyone loved them. I didn’t see them until I showed up at the reception, and I was blown away by how great they turned out. You were a miracle worker to get them done so quickly. THANK YOU!!!  Liz”
– Liz Garret, wedding succulents customer

“Heritage Succulents has won awards from the Ventura County Fair for “Best use of Plant Material” and educational exhibits.”
– Ray Talley, Horticultural Judge, Ventura County Fair

“I can’t believe I get to enjoy this dream garden. Gary was great to work with to create my succulent seascape for my front yard”
– Kim Johnson, Oxnard, Ca

“Gary thank you so much for the table centerpieces for our recent Church function, they were a big hit”
– Betty Kennedy, St Anthony’s Church, Oxnard

“Gary…. Your beautiful arrangement went for $140…..I personally think we could have sold 10 of them! A number of people asked for your location and contact info……..I am a docent facilitator at Lotusland in Santa Barbara and can definitely suggest that they carry your succulent arrangements………”
– Guy Webb, Partnerships Chairman, Ventura Botanical Gardens, Inc.

I love what you’ve done to help beautify your community. Round of applause…no, make that a standing ovation!
– Debra Lee Baldwin, author, Designing with Succulents and Succulent Container Gardens,
– Debra Lee Baldwin

Gary, you are truly an inspiration. It is said, “Art is where the hand, head and heart of man come together.” Cheers! to your art and the artist. I want to be more like you! Well done.
– Michael Tardif, Plant Picasso

Had a great time designing my dish at the Succulent Party today. Thanks, Gary.
– Mary Ellen Harwood

Hi, Gary… I’m loving the succulents and the planter that we bought from you Saturday at the Cajun Festival. You have such a beautiful selection and the plants are so deliciously plump and beautiful. Thank you so much! And please put us on your email list.
– Maggie Causey, Malibu, CA

Gary Blum is an amazing landscape artist and truly passionate about succulents. I hired Gary to design a dozen large-size patio pots for my front and back yard. They are beautiful, easy to maintain, and absolutely thriving.
– Ruth Ballin

Wow! I didn’t know there was so much variety available in succulents! I’ll have to make an appointment to visit your nursery. Thanks
– Chitza